Some of  Coach Linda's Students

Some Trumpet Students

Coach Linda Green Shepherd

          772 342-7029

There is so much more to singing than opening your mouth and making sounds come out. We can all open our mouths and make something come out. It may be worth listening to and it may not be. You may have been told by friends and family that you have a beautiful voice and feel you do not need training or a voice coach.

No training is the biggest mistake one can make if they are serious about singing. Training gives you longevity, proper breathing technique and prevents destroying nodules which is very common with non trained singers.

As a professional athlete needs a trainer, a singer aspiring to become a vocalist, needs one as well. Without training, progress will be very limited. A coach will teach you what foods affect your body, what exercises are needed, music theory giving you the ability to understand and read music.

Linda has been training since the age 4. Received a degree in music from Mt Aloyisus College and further studied voice at Indiana University of Pennsylvania.

Voice coach for: Shiloh Theater Company in Stuart Florida.

                               Sheen Tracks Studio in Port St. Lucie, Fl.

                               Movie Sound tracks for 3 independent movies.

Founded The Voice Studio: “Coach Linda Shepherd.” She has coach over                                                             150 students, voice as well as trumpet.

Recorded 2 Independent CDs “I’m The One You Need” & “Can’t Let It Go”

Toured up and down the east coast of the US as well as casinos and cruise ships.  

A member of ASCAP since 1998.

She has a voice that will last her the rest of her life because of the training she has received. Linda has launched many music careers of her students. Something to be proud of. You may not have heard her name in the mainstream yet but this is a very successful vocalist.